Prepared by our team of guides and including the main places, services and green areas in Valencia, our map is the best complement to the tips that our guides will give you to make the best of your stay in Valencia with the most fascinating monuments, exhibitions, restaurants, shops and nightlife in the city.

Print it in high resolution in 2 sizes, A3 and A4, or download it on your mobile phone and use it  during your stay in Valencia.




Enthusiast for culture, highly qualified guides

We are a team of freelance guides with a remarkable background in Valencia and we do feel fortunate to do what we love the most: transmit knowledge and tradition to others, helping to make people aware of the gorgeous patrimony that Valencia city houses. We make up the delegation of Guides United in Valencia and are honoured to see it grow everyday with the admission of new members. We prepare the contents of our own tours and adapt them to the timing that better suits our customers´ needs.

These are some of the guides that form the delegation of Guides United in Valencia:


Specialized in cultural heritage management, Amparo has a very natural didactic talent. She is communicative and inclined to set in a context her knowledge of art and history to transmit it to the people with fluency.


After having travelled for over 10 years throughout Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East, David is a guide with a clear competitive educational edge to always provide an objective point of view of every site, architectonic detail or work of art.


Besides being awarded a degree in Art History, Maria is a cheerful guide. Both her great sense of humour and her brilliant background confirm her facet as a great communicator. Her approach to History by means of her deep knowledge of Art simply makes the difference.

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