Solve your queries

These are some of the questions that our customers use to present us; and all are answered. 😉

All our free tour guests always arrive to the meeting point some minutes prior to the departure so as to avoid unnecessary delays in the group. In case you think you cannot be on time, call us at the following phone number +34 692491769 and we will inform you about the next itinerary stop where you can join the free tour group.
Our free tour excels in both the quality of contents and an outstanding customer care. Our background leads us to limit the number of guests to 25 so our free tour becomes an unforgettable experience for each and every one of you.
Sometimes it happens that more people want to join our tour at the last minute. In case the number does not exceed 25 people you are allowed to do it but in case it does, those without a reservation will not be able to join the tour. :(
In case you want to ensure that you fill a vacancy in our group on a desired day, please bear in mind to book at least one week before. Even in the peak tourist season this period of time could be not enough!